Sunday, 1 January 2012

EspanolBot's New Year Message

Well, I'm back from America, and what are my hopes for the new year?

Well I hope that this is a year with less earthquakes, tidalwaves and meltdowns. And hope that any revolutions to replace dictatorial regimes are actually successful, rather than installing someone worse.

I hope that there slightly less terrible people being around, following the deaths of Bin Laden, Ghaddafi and Kim Jong-Il, and again the hope that no one rises to fill their places.

Here's to a sane American general election, and the hope that Obama remains in the job and isn't replaced by a crazy person who doesn't know that Europe isn't a country or something.

Here's to people realising that humans are actually kind of awesome, to good entertainment being released, and the hope that people can make the world a little bit better in their own small ways, by not being dicks for no reason.

Here's to a happy new year, I hope you all have a good one.

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