Thursday, 31 May 2012

SFDebris: Avatar: the Last Airbender - Water

Fanart Thursday - 31.05.12

Young Justice: Invasion - Episode 5 Review and Recap


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

HISHE.Com: the Avengers

Arkham City: Joker's Song

Les Misérables (2012) HD Official Trailer #1 - Anne Hathaway & Hugh Jack...


The Justice League Movie: How I'd do it.

With the Avengers movie having just been knocked off the top of the US Box Office after several weeks and several million in ticket sales, the creators have shown that it is in fact possible to both make an ensemble superhero movie and to make it actually WORK. But, over in Warner Bros, they've been having a bit of trouble getting a film of their own property, DC Comics' Justice League, off of the ground for some years now. Partly this is due to studio interference, partly this is due to the creators raising issues in regards to loyalty, and partly it's due to just a simple clash of personalities between the guys producing the different franchises.

But, using the Avengers as an example, how might a Justice League film actually work? Providing they had a decent budget, good production team, writers and actors, as well as unlimited access to DC's library of characters?

Well I decided to write up a rough pitch as to how I'd make a Justice League film,  using the Avengers as an example and numerous pieces of DC history as background. It's kind of a stream of consciousness, but I hope that people find it interesting...

The Legend Of Korra: "When Extremes Meet: Travel in Style" Preview Clip ...

The Legend Of Korra: "When Extremes Meet: Travel in Style" Preview Clip ...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ebot Presents: Deadline (1972)

Welcome to the first in my new series of reviews, where I take a look back at some of the examples of British films that have come out over the years. Now, believe it or not the definition of what is and what isn't a British film is actually something of a vague issue, as there is some debate as to what British cinema actually is as there is normally a lot of European or American influence in the films in one way or another.

For example, in the Eighties due to the tax breaks that the government had for filmmakers at the time, it wasn't unusual for a lot of Hollywood blockbusters to be at least partially filmed in or produced by a studio in the UK, like the 1989 Batman film for example, or Alien.

But for the purposes of this series, I'm defining it as a film that has a combination of the following factors.
- It has to be based in the UK.
- At least some of the cast has to be nominally British.
- The production team have to at least partially from the UK.
- It has to be based on a story, novel etc. from here.

These factors should hopefully widen the range of things I can cover, as there is so much range in what is listed as a British film that it's only fair that as many of them get covered as possible.