Sunday, 31 March 2013

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness - International Trailer (HD)

Avatar: the Search - Part 1 Review

And thus the next trilogy in the post-Airbender, pre-Korra Avatar comics continues, and attempts to answer one of the enduring questions left over from the original animated series: what happened to Prince Zuko's mother?

Does the oft hinted at story deliver? For the most part, yes. The interaction beween the various characters is very well done, the action is good and the story generally feels a lot more cohesive than the previous trilogy, the Promise. Maybe that's because this one focused mainly on just one overall plot as opposed to several different ones at once (which made the Promise somewhat disjointed in places), but generally speaking it just flowed better as a story this time.

The plot of this trade, and I WILL be going into spoilers here so beware, involves not just the titular search for Ursa, Zuko and Azula's mother, but also fleshes out her own backstory as well, providing more character to a woman who only appeared once in the Last Airbender, and that was in vague flashbacks. This is in addition to an increasingly insane Azula being brought along to help in the search, only for her to have a secret that could potentially get Zuko deposed as king and her put in his place.