Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lauren Faust's Supergirl Up

There has been kind of a lot of fail regarding DC's treatment of female characters this week, what with the things with Catwoman being tortured via beating while in a "sexy" pose and the decision over in Blue Beetle to have Jaime belt Brenda in the face "for her own good" and all.

So here's something that should hopefully be good.

Here's Lauren Faust's design of Supergirl in the upcoming DC Nation show she's doing that stars Kara, Barbara and Donna Troy. Considering her track record this show should be fun as well. :)

From her DevArt account,

The show's going to be called Super Best Friends Forever, and I think is going to be the same format as Adventure Time, with each episode divided between two short stories or the like. Since Ms. Faust is officially a Cool Person, I'm sure that this'll be neat too. ^^

For legality, here's a fun page with Kara from the pre-reboot DCU,

Totally not just posting that because my girlfriend runs a knitting blog. ^^;

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