Thursday, 15 March 2012

Legend of Korra Has a Release Date!

Yeah, after all of the leaks and executive people attempting to move the show to next year, a release date has finally been announced...

April 14th! This year! :D

And rather that having the title The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra in the States, the show's going to just be called Legend of Korra, which is good because that's the name of it in the tags here. ^^;

As a side, here are some more pieces of concept art, from the above Korra Nation tumblr account.

First, the former pro-wrestling waterbender that's been helping out Mako and Brolin,
The statue of Aang that's in the harbour of the city, which apparently is a present from the Fire Nation,
Korra and her dad,
Asami Sato, a young nonbender and the daughter of an industrialist, who I believe is voiced by the woman who played Yue in the liveaction movie,
 And finally, downtown Republic City,

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