Sunday, 14 October 2012

DC Nationed Cancelled Due to Cass and Steph?

As has been mentioned elsewhere, Cartoon Network has shelved DC Nation and its affiliated episodes until January in order to (allegedly) arrange some kind of anniversary celebration for the channel, thus meaning they're filling the void with reruns of the How to Train Your Dragon tv show.

Personally I'd have thought that if I was celebrating a milestone I'd do it with new and exciting content, or at least repeats of iconic shows from the past, but I guess that's why I'm not an executive and instead only write about these things instead of having some control over them.

However, a new theory has come to swirl around amit the confusion of the sudden change, to wit: the entire DC Nation block was canned so they could edit an appearance of Stephanie Brown out of Young Justice, or at least redo her to make her an original character/Barbara Gordon.

Personally I think that this a little silly, even with the things that DC has down to suppress the characters (apparently Grant Morrison wrote them into his Batman run, but DC made him edit them out in the rewrites), as it a) goes against the "You can use anyone in our library" edict that they told Greg Weisman back when he started the show, and b) they already have Barbara Gordon in the show, having Steph editted into Babs would be really weird, especially has YJ!Babs already has a defined personality that ain't nothing like Steph's.

More information when I hear it, but personally I think it's more due to some doofy CN executive with bad timetabling than someone with a fetish for messing with Cass/Steph fans.

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