Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Movies I've Seen: Cockneys vs. Zombies

Yes, this is a real movie
...THIS FILM WAS AMAZING! In a good way. The plot? After a construction crew accidentally break open a tomb of zombies from 1666 (implictly the Great Fire of London was arranged to quell a zombie plague), London rapidly becomes overrun by a hoarde of the undead. Unfortunately, it seems that a pair of brothers happened to have chosen this time to rob a bank to get the cash they need to save their grandad's old folks' home...

Apparently Danny Dyer turned down this film as he thought that films with Versus in the title are predestined to suck, and thank god he did too, otherwise this wouldn't be anywhere near as enjoyable.

It has pretty much the same sense of humour as Shaun of the Dead, blended with a bit of Guy Richie's earlier gangster stuff. Genuinely a good natured comedy, that manages do several things not previously done with zombies (itself a rarity these days) while at the same time having some impressive action, gore and jokes in too.

Oh yeah, and Alan Ford, the actor who played Bricktop, is in it as a heroic version of the same character, and he's AWESOME!


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