Monday, 10 December 2012

Gail Simone removed from Batgirl

Gail just confirmed over twitter that the new Batgirl editor, Brian Cunningham, that she is no longer the writer of Batgirl, despite her refuting rumours that she'd been replaced just earlier this week. Hm.

I will admit that despite my not being as much of a fan of her current Batgirl run as I've been of her other work, this still kind of saddens me, if only because she always seemed to be having a ball when it came to her writing and promoting this work.

And right after the all-female team-up book she'd spent a year working on was rejected right out of the gate when she pitched it too (probably because she wanted to use Steph in it).

Wonder why it happened, it wasn't as if she wanted to leave or that the book wasn't successful...

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