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Young Justice: Invasion - Series Finale Recap and Review


Recap: Well, here we are, the final episode of Young Justice... unless it gets another comicbook or animated series at least. The episode begins on Rimborr, where the Justice League are just about to be sentenced for the crimes that the Light framed them for. The Tribune, having been heavily bribed by the Light to ensure that the League go down for the crimes, are not exactly subtle in how they're going to find the League guilty despite whatever defence Icon provides them. Adam Strange, Conner and Superboy show up with the holographic proof that the Light are responsible for the crimes against Rimborr, only for it to turn out that the League have already been found gulity. Whoops.

Title sequence

Back on Earth, the Team and the members of the League that are still on Earth have invaded the Reach's mothership and are attacking them directly. Probably because they were given a direct order to leave the planet by the UN, only for them to park their ship in the middle of New York and refuse to move. Aqualad, Green and Blue Beetle show up, with Jaime stapling the Reach Scientist to a wall as they prepare to fight Black Beetle. GB tries to reset Black Beetle's scarab to set him free from the Reach's control, only for BB to turn it back on him and kill GB's scarab (which screams in pain as it dies) instead. GB survives, albeit temporarily, and BB decides to try and finish him off...

On Rimborr, Icon has managed to get the Tribune to come back so he can show them the evidence, but although they say the evidence is interesting they won't back down on the guilty verdict. Even though they know for certain at this point the League aren't responsible. The Tribunal say though that they'd only let them go if they receive some more bribes, which seems to make Icon panic as they don't have anything directly at hand to offer them. M'gann and Conner step in though, saying that if they take this opportunity to display their fundamental fairness, then they'd get more cases coming to them from across the galaxy, complete with the potential for more bribes...

Back in the battle, Jaime dives in front of BB's attack on GB and is knocked aside for his trouble. Seemingly noticing Jaime is there for the first time, BB blames him entirely for the Reach's failure on this planet, and attempts to kill his scarab too. Fortunately, since Khaji Da and Jaime are not on good terms, they're able to fight back together against BB, and end up killing his scarab instead. Yay! Jaime is horrified from what he learnt from BB's scarab before he destroyed it, in that the Reach have planted bombs all around the world in order to nuke the planet into a cinder, erasing evidence of the Reach's invasion before the Guardians of the Universe can come and punish them for breaking their treaty.

In Gotham, one of the bombs, seemingly of the same sort that was used to blow up the Kroloteans' base at the beginning of the season, activates. The bombs seemingly cause bad weather as a side effect, as similar bombs in Taipei and Paris generate storms as they begin powering up. On the Watchtower it appears that BB's devices are degrading the Earth's magnetic field and causing world-wide natural disasters, which means that the League are spread thin dealing with helping the victims instead of finding the devices responsible. Jaime says he can find the machines, but he doesn't know how to destroy them before they charge up enough to cause the world to explode. Suddenly they get a call from the head of the UN, who now appears to be Lex Luthor to the League's surprise. It turns out that Lex is actually just borrowing the transmission, with permission, to the talk to the League and explain the Light's fallback plan for if the Reach attempted something like this. Lex explains that LexCorp has designed software designed to disable Reach technology, but he requires the Team and the League's help to implement it, as time is now of the essence.

At the trial, M'gann apologises to Conner for how their relationship went and acknowledges that it failing was all her fault. She says that she realises that at this point though it's too late, what with him dating Wendy and all, which is something that apparently surprises Conner. It seems that Wendy is actually dating Marvin, but the pair are worried that they might mess things up, so Conner's been acting as a buffer between them to ensure things don't go south. M'gan is amused at this, and admits that it is nice of him to do. Eventually the Tribunal reach their decision, and the lead Tribune says that they've reached their decision and all charges all now be dropped against the League. The heroes are naturally thrilled, and Icon congratulates them for making this possible. With this confirmed, they leave Icon and Hawkman to sort out getting the League back to Earth while M'gann and Conner zeta back to help out the situation back home.

Back on Earth, then entirety of the Team, the Runaways and the Earth-based JL are getting the plan explained to them by Captain Atom and Luthor, basically they have to dodge the drones protecting the generators, each of which is as powerful as a scarab warrior and get an "egg" close enough for his software to disable it. Wondergirl asks Tim whether they can trust Luthor, and Tim admits that they probably can't but since this is his world too, it's unlikely that he'd want it reduced to space dust.

On Rimborr, the League are relishing their new freedom and cleared reputation, when suddenly holograms of Vandal Savage appear in the sky. Savage declares that from now on all alien interference in his homeplanet is banned, and any attempts at invading from how on will be met with "severe discipline". Superman asks the League why the aliens would want to listen to what he has to say... only for the Savage-controlled War World to appear in the sky as his answer...

On Earth the counter-attack is underway, and Lagoon Boy and Aqualad have teamed up to defeat a generator at the bottom of the Atlantic. Aqualad says he'll provide cover while LB deactivates it, only for LB to sarcastically ask if he's sure he can trust him to do this. AL says that he trusts him enough to recommend LB for his spot on the Team when he decided to go undercover, which is some news that makes LB beam happily. They defeat the generator, meaning it's now one down, 19 or so to go.

In Paris Artemis and Wally easily defeat their drones and generator, and begin making out. Wally says that they definitely have to come back here when there isn't a world to save, though Artemis points out there there is ALWAYS a world to save. Heh.

In Dakota City, Virgil says that playing at superhero is actually pretty cool, and his partner, Black Lightning, says that he's not surprised and that Virgil really has potential in that area. As Virgil destroys the generator, BL offers to mentor him as a hero if he ever wants to join the Team or the League. Aww.

On the Watchtower, Snapper confirms that Asami has destroyed the last generator to the heroes' elation. Atom points out that this isn't the case, because the magnetic disruption hasn't ceased yet, and Jaime confirms this, saying that there is a twenty first generator in the Arctic that had been shielded by the natural magnetic field in the area. Jaime asks to be zeta beamed to it, only to be told that the League don't have any zeta platforms in the North Pole, only for Barry to show up, already running to the rescue. He's joined by Bart, but by the time they get to the generator it's already fully charged and Lex's software is now useless...

Lex has a backup plan though, he says that if Flash and Impulse run counter to the device's energy flow, they should in theory be able to negate it's effect. At the Watchtower they're kind of incredulous about this, as even Artemis is worried that the two of them might not be able to create the kinetic energy needed to pull it off, only for Wally to go and join them too... Wally tells the other Flashes that he might not be as fast as them, but he can still create enough kinetic energy to make a difference. The other members of the Team show up to watch, and they confirm that the energy is indeed getting reversed, only for Khadji to point there is a problem. Wally's slower speed is making him an exit valve for the escaping energy, making him get hit repeatedly with massive electrical discharges. This means that within 15 seconds, he'll die. Wally realises this too, saying that Artemis is going to kill him for this, and that's not even starting with what his mum and dad'll do. He tells Barry to tell Artemis he loves her... and then disintegrates.

The day is saved, and the heroes rush over to congratulate the Flashes... only for Artemis to ask where Wally is. Barry tells her Wally loved her... which causes her to collapse sobbing, while the rest of the Team look understandably upset as well.

The rest of the League arrive back on Earth, via the Green Lantern's spaceship (wait, how did Barry get there first? Did he run through space or something?) and they're aghast at how Mount Justice has become Crater Justice. Batman demands to know what happened, and Aqualad tells him to not worry, as the crisis has past, albeit at a terrible cost. This is cut with Artemis going to Wally's parent's house, and them crying more. Awww, this is horrible. I mean, it's good but it's really sad.

Later, the entire Earth is celebrating Independence Day from the Reach invaders, as they're being lead away by the Green Lantern Corp to stand trial for their numerous crimes. Hooray! However, on G. Gordon Godfrey's show, Gordon says that the head of the UN has resigned in light of his accidental collaboration with the Reach, and that it seems highly likely that his successor will be the one who more or less directly defeated the Reach's attempt to blow up the world... Lex Luthor! Superman, understandably is apalled by this, and Captain Atom takes the opportunity to turn leadership of the League over to Black Canary, who thanks him, sarcastically. Nightwing, meanwhile, seems to be taking a leave of absence from the Team, explaining to Aqualad that Batgirl is more than qualified to cover for him if necessary. Dick says that with everything that went down, between him, Kaldur and Wally, he just needs a break from everything.

The episode rounds off in the Watchtower's memorial garden, where Bart is already in the Kid Flash outfit. Artemis tells him it suits him, but Bart says that it makes him feel like a fraud. Artemis, meanwhile, has decided to take up her Tigress persona as her new superhero identity, as Artemis was Wally's partner and without him... it feels wrong. Virgil, meanwhile, is inducted to the Team officially, wow they just broke up his group offscreen did they? Nice. Virgil explains though that Arsenal wanted to pursue a solo hero career, while the others just wanted to retire from the gig as they technically didn't want to be heroes in the first place. Conner notices that apparently Tim and Cassie are now a couple, and seems as confused be it as I am. M'gann explains that they got together following Wally's death, as a kind of "life is short" thing. It apparently gave Cassie the courage to make the first move with him. Neat.

The Team are called to the main entrance fo the Watchtower, where Batman informs that in light of their defeat of the Reach invasion and their breaking the Light in half, the League have decided to let them operate out of the Watchtower as well. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because they've earned it. Huzzah! Aqualad immediately assigns the team into groups and gives missions, while Nightwing smiles, declares it to be business as usual, and makes his exit.

Meanwhile, Vandal Savage has parked the War World outside of a place that has been hinted at multiple times, but hasn't actually appeared: Apokolips.Once there, Savage walks past Desaad and Gordon (huh, that explains why he was so easily able to manipulate people I guess, as opposed to people in the YJverse being Marvel-level stupid), and marches up to the big boss. Darkseid. The two shake hands, and Savage declares it to be business as usual as well... Dun Dun DUN!

Recap: GAH! This is so frustrating, so much good stuff happened, so much good stuff implied to be on the horizon, but no indication that it'll ever happen! RARGH!

Okay, first the stuff I liked. The eventual defeat of the Reach, Wally's death and the fallout from both were very well done. Although it was indeed tragic that it happened, he at least had a sense of agency and went into it knowing it might happen. He died a hero, as opposed to just blinking out of existence with no one caring. The acting by all the cast in reaction to it was very well done, with Artemis especially.

I liked that the female characters in the show seemed to be getting a bigger role, which I hope to see expanded upon if the show is ever renewed for a third season. Things such as Black Canary as chairperson of the League and Barbara seemingly entering an Oracle-ish position as Aqualad's second in command, both of which are pretty sweet in implication, even if they might not be followed up on.

The New Gods stuff finally getting some kind of pay-off was neat, especially in the aforementioned case of confirming that GG Godfrey is actually a New God himself, which explains how he was able to manipulate the population of Earth so easily. That is to say, civilians in the YJverse aren't being idiots like civilians in the Marvelverse, they're being manipulated by a supernatural being whose power revolves around doing just that. Again, shame we won't see more of Darkseid and company in the future.

Things I wasn't so hot on... Although they acknowledge the Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark hook-up was kind of sudden, I can't help feeling that it'd been better if they had more interaction on-screen before it happened. I mean, I know both were offscreen for most of the season, but seeing them talk to each other a couple of times would have been nice. The Runaways breaking up being handled in such a glib manner also kind of annoyed me, even if it did make sense within the context of the characters, what with Virgil being the only traditionally superheroic one in the bunch and all.

In all, I thought that it was a good episode and season finale, with enough left hanging to keep me intrigued as to where it might go, while wrapping up enough to provide at least some form of dramatic pay-off. The few issues that I had, I could put down more to timing issues as opposed to complains about the actual plot, what with there being so many characters only a small amount of time could be spent with each and all. Maybe they'll be fixed in season three if there is one...

One more thing though, in an interview regarding the end of the season, Greg Weisman released a list of confirmed members of the League and the Team, and although some have been left out for plot reasons, some of the additions that we didn't see in the show are actually pretty interesting.

01 – Superman
02 – Batman
03 - Wonder Woman
04 – Flash
05 - Green Lantern
06 – Aquaman
07 - Martian Manhunter
08 - Green Arrow
09 – Hawkman
10 – Hawkwoman
11 – Zatara
12 - Captain Atom
13 - Black Canary
14 - Green Lantern
15 - Captain Marvel
16 - Red Tornado
17 - Doctor Fate
18 – Atom
19 - Plastic Man
20 – Icon
21 - Red Arrow
22 - Blue Beetle
23 - Black Lightning
24 - Green Lantern
25 – Zatanna
26 – Rocket
A01 - Lucas Carr
A02 - Catherine Cobert
A03 - Zatanna Zatara
A04 - John Smith
A05 - Billy Batson
A10 - Malcolm Duncan
A11 - Adam Strange
A12 - Blue Beetle
A13 - Jay Garrick
B01 - Robin/Nightwing
B02 – Aqualad
B03 - Kid Flash
B04 – Superboy
B05 - Miss Martian
B06 - Speedy/Red Arrow
B07 – Artemis
B08 – Zatanna
B09 – Rocket
B10 – Tempest
B11 – Aquagirl
B12 – Troia
B13 – Robin
B14 - Lieutenant Marvel
B15 - Sergeant Marvel
B16 – Batgirl
B17 – Bumblebee
B18 - Lagoon Boy
B19 - Beast Boy
B20 – Robin
B21 - Wonder Girl
B22 - Blue Beetle
B23 – Impulse
B24 – Guardian
B25 – Arsenal
C01 – Sphere
C02 – Wolf
I am curious as to who the non-appearing members are, as I thought that their being spoilers would indicate that they'd appear in he last episode... unless they're being kept on the down-low for a potential season three. The ones that are there are pretty intriguing though, such as Donna Troy (Troia) being on the list. I have a feeling that since there are two sub-Captain Marvels there that Mary might be one of the censored names, and the "surprise" of Darkseid might make Scott Free and Big Barda possibly be other ones.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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  1. For the YJ team designations, I'm sure that it was confirmed in this episode that Virgil/Static was B26, as he joined them in the last few minutes. BTW, as far as I'm concerned, and as far as Greg claims to be concerned, this show is far from over. In fact, this cliffhanger has motivated a lot of YJ fans to fight harder for a renewal, as I had predicted that it would. So don't give up hope and keep fighting for a season 3.