Monday, 1 April 2013

WonderCon News: Batgirl Beyond? And More

First up, Batgirl Beyond! Written by Cass Cain co-creator and DCAU alumini Scott Peterson and drawn by Annie Wu, who exactly BB is in this series isn't established beyond her having a "healthy relationship" with Commissioner Barbara Gordon.
Hopefully it isn't Babs, if only because 1. in the Beyond Setting the ability to have new characters in classic roles is kind of the whole point, 2. Babs is like fifty at the time the series takes place, her going by the title "Batgirl" is a bit silly when she should be able to go for the Batwoman position by this point, and 3. IF Babs is Batgirl still, isn't having the head of Gotham City's policeforce personally going out to beat the tar out of criminals... more than a little unethical? Unethical like Marvel's proposed Punisher tv show from a while back, where Frank Castle was a cop who hunted criminals who escaped prosecution in his time off, in secret (they turned him into Dexter). Secondly, Gates of Gotham co-writer Kyle Higgins will be taking over from Adam Beechen in the regular Batman Beyond series (yay), which will apparently be exploring the characters more within the context of the DCAU, rather than the bizarre mash-up of regular DC and DCAU stuff that Beechen was writing. Beechen had SOME good stuff there... but he also kind of threw a lot of the stuff that made Batman Beyond GOOD out in order to make room for his own stuff. Just saying.
Also, this cover is damn pretty. In other news, Bruce Timm is leaving DC Entertainment, aw. He'll be missed. Though apparently he might be making another DCAU-based Justice League show but that remains to be seen. And Guillermo del Toro says that his Justice League Dark movie, called Dark Universe at the moment, is underway at the moment, but it still hasn't been greenlit yet. He and the writer are sticking a bible for the movie's continuity at the moment, but considering the lack of success guys at Warner Bros have have getting a movie made of their more well known properties, like Wonder Woman, I somehow doubt that a film starring Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman and Madame Xanadu is going to see the light of day any time soon... Though they did make a Jonah Hex movie before bothering to make a Wondie film, so there is that, I guess.

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