Wednesday, 30 March 2011

DC Outlines their New Direction in their Upcoming Movies

Over at the LA Times, the chief of DC Comics' parent company, Warner Bros, has outlined their plan for the upcoming movies, based on their characters.

This includes what they're going to do with Batman after Nolan leaves after his next Batman movie, as well as the new plans for a JLA movie.

I guess that it's possible that with Christopher Nolan's retirement from the franchise, or at least moving into a producing role with the next one, they might be aiming to make the Batman movies once again more akin to the one in the comics... which could be good and bad for a number of reasons.

It could be good because they could some of the features from the comics that would be a little silly in the Nolanverse. Like Harley Quinn or example. Or Mr Freeze.

But on the other hand, the last time they decided to reboot the movies prior to Batman Begins was when the execs decided that Tim Burton's Batman was too dark and murderous for a character they wanted to market to kids, so they decided to retool the franchise. They also let Burton stay on as a producer.

But the Movie they ended up with was Batman Forever, so...

Either way, it's something to look out for. Especially if they're going to make Batman so that he could fit in the same Universe as the rebooted Superman, Green Lantern and Flash movies, which could actually be kind of awesome.

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