Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Regarding Wonder Woman and Joss Whedon

In my preview post about the upcoming Wonder Woman TV show, I kind of misunderstood a quote by Joss Whedon regarding why it was hard to write a Wonder Woman movie/tv show due to the lack of material to work with, despite the character's long history.

I kind of didn't get this originally, but I have been informed by a friend on the Superdickery.com forums that this actually meant that as Wonder Woman hasn't had as many iconic stories or graphic novels as Batman, Superman etc. there was less material in that regard to riff on when writing a script.

Like how Batman Begins riffed sections of Batman: Year One, for example.

In this regard, I guess that Whedon's statement is true, as Wonder Woman hasn't really had a big and important stories as some of her male counterparts... though I can think of a couple of good stories and versions of the character that they could riff on if they actually wanted to.

Maybe I should list 'em...

Anyways, apologisin' for looking kind of stupid.

Peace out.

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