Saturday, 21 April 2012

Legend of Korra Spoiler: Regarding Another Character From the Old Show

Turns out, via the interactive map that I can't access properly due to Nick being inconsiderate to non-US fans, that Zuko, another member of Aang's clique, is in-fact still alive at the time of Korra. Though he's now 87, retired from being Fire Lord, and now let's his daughter rule in his stead as he travels the world acting as an ambassador for world balance/peace.


LoK: ZUKO IS...ALIVE?! by ~Shade-of-Anime on deviantART


  1. Mai and Zuko were clearly boning before Zuko dumped her for Aang so I don't see why this artist is all surprised with the "He got laid" part.

    By the way the spam test is a complete pain in the ass, isn't there a way of turning it off for people who've commented before?

    1. Looking into it, will enable a spam bypass if possible. :) New review up by the by.

      And, yeah, Mai and Zuko were totally doing it prior to him going off with Aang and his little troupe. Though so was Suki and Sokka to be honest, completed with the visual pun with him making the flower necklace in the episode with THAT infamous scene in it.