Sunday, 8 April 2012

Top Six Doctor Who Villain Speeches

It's not really that much of a secret that I'm a Doctor Who fan, and one of the many things I love about the show are the villains. But what makes a good villain? Well one thing that definitely sticks with me over the years is whether they get a good villain speech, something that explains who are they are, what they're doing and what their plan is. And in the near fifty years that the show has been on tv, albeit in different incarnations, there have been a LOT of villain speeches. But, I have decided to chose out five of the speeches that I've personally enjoyed the most from the episodes that I've seen.

Sutekh the Destroyer, the Pyramids of Mars
Voiced by Gabriel Woolf, an actor who also appears later along this list, Sutekh was an Osirian who inspired various devil figures, both in human cultures and in alien ones. He feared that all forms of life might one day evolve to challenge his intergalactic hegemony, so he came to a simple solution: Kill Everything. Fortunately for everyone, he seems pretty easy to trap, as evidenced in the below clip from his introductory storyline.

The Dalek Emperor, Parting of Ways
After the single Dalek earlier in the first of the new seasons of the show, the end of Christopher Eccleston's run reintroduced a villain from the original run of the series that was protrayed in a new way: the Emperor of the Daleks. Driven mad by the events of the Time War and his isolation in a derelict spacecraft on the edge of the solar system, the Emperor slowly rebuilt his species from the genetic material of abducted humans and instilled in them a form of devotion that was previously quite foreign to them...

Daleks vs. the Cybermen, Doomsday
The end of season two of the new series contained the first crossover between the Daleks and the new versions of the Cybermen, which managed to be both incredibly funny while at the same time managing to showcase what a serious threat the Daleks were after their kind of embarassing defeat at the end of season one.

Davros, Stolen Earth/Journey's End
The first of two slots occupied by the creator of the Daleks, where he explains his villainous, villianous plot,

Davros again, Genesis of the Daleks
This storyline involved the Doctor being sent back in time by the Time Lords to go all Terminator, and kill the Dalek species before they can threaten the universe. The Doctor being the Doctor, he tries to reason with the mad scientist as opposed to just sneaking about and committing genocide against his worst enemies. Unfortunately for him, Davros happens to be more than just a few sandwiches short of a picnic...

 The Beast, the Satan Pit
And Finally, there is another Gabriel Woolf role, which is apt as the creature known as the Beast claims to be Sutekh, as well as Satan and every other Devil figure in the universe. Appearing in a storyline intended to coincidence with the sixth of June 2006 (06.06.06), it's kind of ambiguous whether the creature actually IS Satan or not, but his description of his backstory is certainly one of the most ominous in the recent years. Just kind of a shame that this was his only appearance, though his son did appear in Torchwood, but that isn't saying much.

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