Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Legend of Korra Season 2 : Spirits Preview -- plus The Promise & The...

- The Search will focus more on the Fire Nation Royal Family than the expansive cast from the previous miniseries, and may delve into the supernatural in the quest for Zuko's mum. (Wait, what? Was she kidnapped by pixies or something?)

- Due to the success of the previous series (averaging apparently around 4 million viewers) Nick have renewed the show for another full three series, bringing Korra up to four books in total. (Yay)

- Bryke not knowing whether the season finale of Korra Book 1 would be the series finale as well was apparently a contributing factor in why it wrapped everything up so abruptly.

- Book 2 of Korra will focus on the idea of lineage, both in terms of Tenzin's family (so yes, more Bumi) as well as the spiritual lineage of Korra herself.

- Bolin confirmed to be getting a new love interest.

- More flashbacks of the Adventures of the Older!Gaang may be on the way.

So yeah, some stuff that we already knew, but other parts were interesting.

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