Friday, 7 September 2012

Wonder Woman Getting A New TV Show?

Oh yeah, in addition to Joss Whedon' upcoming SHIELD show and BBC International's Night Watch show (based on the Discworld series behind the scenes of the individual novels), it seems that they're going to have another go at making a Wonder Woman show, this time under the title Amazon, with former WW writer Allan Heinberg in charge,

Apparently they are going to go the Arrow and Smallville route and have the take be a young and inexperienced Diana starting to make her way in the world as a woman and immigrant to Man's World, pre-costume and all. How well this goes depends on how they keep the executive to a minimum this time, as the attempts to make Diana a stereotypically Strong Independant Woman in the previous pilot... created a Wonder Woman who was a billionaire CEO who openly murdered and tortured people, being both terrifying and profoundly Non-Wonder Womany.

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