Saturday, 11 May 2013

Comicbook News - 11.5.13

From Multiplicity, we have a bit from Thunderworld, aka the world where Billy, Mary and co. are the main super folk. Art by Cameron Stewart,

And a bit from from the also Grant Morrison penned and Yanick Maquette drawn Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel, featuring Hippolyta defeating Hercules. Interested to see where he goes with this, since Grant was the one who said that Diana doesn't have a story with a "Dark Knight Returns" or "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" level of fame. Maybe he's intending to write one himself? Though apparently the project was originally intended for Greg Rucka, and was allegedly transferred to him.
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Wonder Woman is coming to the Smallville-verse!
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Can't say that I've kept up with this series, but I've heard that it's good. :)

And in a final bit of Wonder Woman news, in DC's next upcoming game Infinite Crisis, which has numerous versions of DC characters from multiple realities fighting each other. So like Injustice, but less grimdark. The versions of Wonder Woman that have been announced include regular, mecha and atomic realities.
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The Atomic one, who I've dubbed Fallout!Wonder Woman, looks hilarious, and her statue makes it even more so.
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That said, I probably would read a series which starred the heroes of the DCU in a post-apocalyptic setting... an actual good one, as Distant Fires, Superman At World's End and its affiliated Kamandi books were awful.

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