Saturday, 25 May 2013

New 52: Noticed Something Weird In Batman Incorporated...

So I got around to reading the trade of the New 52 version of Batman Incorporated, and I noticed something a touch strange. In issue... five I think that it was, the various Batman affiliated heroes storm a hide out were some League of Assassins guys were hiding out, having been co-opted into Leviathan after Talia placed her dad under house arrest until Batman is dead/joins her.

The dreadlocked dude? That's Mad Dog, and not only was he a character introduced in Cassandra Cain's run of Batgirl, but him being "related" to her was a pretty big deal within the series finale.

Because, 1. He's one of the few surviving children from the experiments that would go on to create Cass. The others were either killed by the training itself or by David Cain (Cass' dad) because he is a wretched human being.

And 2. He's the guy that killed Cass for the second time (yes, really), mainly because he was jealous of the fact that Ra's al Ghul didn't want a feral nutcase to be his bodyguard/enforcer, and feels that Cass (as the "successful" one) stole his life.
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He'd later go on to appear one other time as part of the splinter cell of the League of Assassins that Cass was running while under the control of Deathstroke and her asshole father, but that's pretty much it. It was in the Supergirl issue where Cass appeared which overall raised more questions that it answered.

This was back when Supergirl was a horrible person... who'd I'd say in a lot of ways was worse than David Cain, but that's a subject for another post.

But yeah, back to the point. I just think that it's a touch weird that although the Cass/Steph Embargo is in place for the characters themselves, characters directly related to them (albeit obscure) are allowed in anyway.

I mean, I know that Grant Morrison WANTED to use them in the DCnU, but if you're going to randomly lock out characters on the basis that someone in Editorial wants people to forget they exist, at least have some consistancy.

It's like if I retconned the Punisher out of Marvel Comics, yet still had Jigsaw pottering about on unrelated adventures in the background of Daredevil.


  1. Yeah... that's a bit most of the New 52 is anways!

    Another sad result of editorials messing around.

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