Friday, 20 May 2011

Great Moments in Puppetry: Audrey 2

In this age of computers and cgis and such, we can sometimes forget the days when you'd have to get half a dozen dudes to operate a complicated puppet to interact with the actors, rather than them talking to a tennisball on a stick symbolisin' where their co-star will be shoved in later.

So in honour of those who brought awesome puppets to be big and little screen, I am announcing a new weekly thing: Great Moments in Puppetry!

This week, the Levi Stubbs-voiced killer plant Audrey 2 gets a mention.

I have to admit I have a massive softspot for this movie, a black comedy about a weedy shopboy played by the immortal Rick Moranis feeding folk to a giant talking plant for fame and glory, not least because of its botanical co-star.

Seriously, this is a movie with some star power behind it if you're familiar with 80s comedians. Steve Martin! John Candy! James Belushi! Christopher Guest! And Bill friggin' Murrey! And directed by Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda and Miss Piggy.

Seriously, s'awesome, though a little cheesy. Go see it, go!

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