Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Movies I've Seen: Husk

Scarecrows, are they ever not scary? ...Well obviously not in (most) Wizard of Oz settings, but elsewhere they at least create a sense of unease, which hasn't really been THAT exploited in movies. At least not to the same extent as clowns and janitors.

It is in this niche that we find 'Husk', the tale of five twenty somethings that are out driving through a seemingly endless series of cornfields, where they end up crashing their car into a ditch after a murder of crows (hurr hurr) collides with their car's windscreen.

Having never seen Children of the Corn, not even the one with that chick from Californication in it, they all wander blindly into the cornfield were they find themselves preyed upon by the bag-headed beasties within.

Eh, it's a pretty good monster/slasher flick. The scarecrow designs and methods were pretty cool, and it's good to see a supernatural horror film these days that appears to have had some effort put into it.

The characters though, aren't exactly the deepest, and unlike in other movies that keep the characters around for so long and makes them so unappealing that you're wanting to have them killed off, like in Cloverfield, Husk seems to have the opposite problem.

Namely, they all get attacked so damn fast that there isn't really any character arc with them, and they stumble about until the last ten or fifteen minutes before actually trying to piece things together.

This movie is, in all, good for a watch, though it isn't really going to be up there with the better ones of the genre.

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