Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Movies I've Seen: How to Train Your Dragon

Finally got around to watching How to Train Your Dragon. Mostly because it was on sale for £8.

Anyways, it was recommended in a lot of places, and since I enjoyed Megamina and Monsters vs. Aliens I thought that I'd give it a shot.

The movie, for those who don't know, is about an island of Vikings who have to fight off regular attacks by dragons, who steal their food and burn down their houses. Being vikings, a large part their lives is taken but by being as macho as possible and on the island dragon-killing equals manliness (even for the women)!

The protagonist of the show is Hiccup, the son of the chief Stoic, played by Gerard Butler, who is shunned by the majority of the island for being a weedy little guy who is better at building things than killing stuff.

One day, Hiccup comes across a dragon with a busted tailfin, and after taming it, he manages to build it a prosthetic fin and uses it to fly about the place.

The story, admittedly, is kind of lightweight compared to AvsM or Megamind, but the voiceacting and the animation makes it hold together really well. I thought that it was an amusing touch that Hiccup spoke with... a Minnesotan or Wisconsin(?) accent, an accent at has at least some influence from the Scandinavian folk that immigrated there. Weird that all of the other adults spoke with Scots accents though (probably why they shunned him so).

All in all, an interesting movie to see, if only for the flying scenes, which were SO GOOD!!! Better than Avatar's (the fake one with the Smurfs).

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