Saturday, 25 June 2011

Futurama Review: Neutopia and Benderama

Futurama - Neutopia.

Alright, Futurama's back, huzzah! The premise of this episode: After being stranded on a planet where the aliens have no concept of gender, the Planet Express crew get transgendered in order to determine which sex is better.

It has Leela in a suprising outfit.

Anyways, I kind of found in the initial setup for the episode to kind of forced, with them having to exaggerate the gender differences so that they could make fun of 'em.

Parts were funny, other parts were potentially minddestroying.

I'd overall give it a C, maybe C+


The Professor invents a machine that makes smaller duplicates of whatever's put into it, which he uses to shrink his sweaters so that they'd now fit him. He puts Bender in charge of folding the sweaters, but he decides to mess about make hundreds of copies of himself instead.

This one was better overall, and had a number of good moments in it. Not exactly a return to form, but still a little above average.

I'd rate it around a B+

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