Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Good News Regarding the DCReboot: Demon Knights and Stormwatch

Yeah, there is some. :) And also oddly relevant to my projects in one case.

Anyways, the DC blog interviewed Paul Cornell, writer of the excellent Mi13 series amongst others, about the rebooted DCU-situated version of Stormwatch and his new series Demon Knights.

Posted the link to my post about it over at Scans_daily as my network says that the Source has a virus or something, anyways, both actually seem very interesting, particularly Demon Knights, though I'm a sucker for anachronistic superheroics. The existance of the Authority members within the DCU, as established characters as opposed to invaders from the Wildstorm Universe (which imploded or somethin' when the imprint folded), is interesting for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Midnighter and Apollo are now DCU characters, raising their number of mainstream gay characters by two, which is cool. Though people might think that this is the first time they've been portrayed as such, which going to be kind of dumb. But people thought that when they started talking about the redheaded version of Batwoman being a lesbian (this back during 52 before we knew who Kathy Kane was), there were shout of outrage over Cass' sexuality changing. Not that they've said that Cass is purely straight or not, but that's a subject for another time.

Secondly, Angela Spica, aka the Engineer, will be the leader of the Stormwatch team, which is neat. She WAS kind of the most intelligent member of the Authority, but they didn't really seem to utilise that much back in her old universe. So that's also cool, plus she's Latina, so there's another point against the view that the reboot is being made up primarily of the white, straight versions of the characters that people are touting recently.

And Thirdly, Jenny Quantum/Quark is gonna be in the DCU too! Yay! Though this is kind of weird, as several months back, I had her as a member of a future version of the Teen Titans in a strip I did. It is especially strange, as Cornell said that he was going to make her as old as the current century, making her 11 to twelve years old, making her old enough to be in the Teen Titans the same time as Milargo Reyes, Lian (if she's alive again) Harper and Damian Wayne.
Here's the strip,

Huh, probably should draw a strip for this.

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