Monday, 27 June 2011

Hint as to Where Steph is Goin' After the Reboot

It seems that Stephanie might be in the Teen Titans reboot, possibly,
"Teen Titans- All four Robins star or co-star in a book. (I know, what about Stephanie Brown? It was hinted that we would see her in Batman Incorporated. Dan Didio said she worked better as Spoiler.) This book is Tim Drake’s showcase. There will be some synergy between this and Superboy."

Worked better as the Spoiler? Ooooooh, I'm sorry. I thought that her becoming Batgirl was a good case of positive character development, my mistake!

Wow, I'm really bitter and ranty in these aren't I?

A bit 'o fanart,

Batgirl Stephanie Brown by *DeathWind13 on deviantART

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