Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Abandoned Legend of Korra Picture and Strip Script

Panel from an abandoned Legend of Korra strip I was doing, but left off when I couldn't get the character designs right. I will include the script though.

Korra is walking down a street in Republic City, various posters are on the wall, advertising various businesses and political groups.

As she is eating a Fire Nation-flavoured candybar called Flameos, she notices someone calling her from behind.

Merchant: Hey, are you the Avatar?
Korra: Well, one of them. Who are you friend, you look kind of familiar?

Merchant: The name is Choy! I come from a long line of produce merchants, but I decided to make a break from tradition and get into a new line of work.
Korra: Oh?

He unveils his handcart, which is stuff with items like an old looking sword and boomerang, a clown mask, a blindfold etc.

Choy: Each one of my stock is a GENUINE relic from your preincarnation's adventures. Each 100% authentic!
Korra: Huh, cool. What's that sword?

Choy hands it to her
Choy: Ahhh, the Legendary Black Spacesword of Grand Master Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe! He forged it from metal that fell from the Heavens and can cut through anything! He lost it in the final battle with the Fire Lord Ozai's forces, but was given to me by some wandering historians who were excavating the battlefield!
Korra: Can I see?

She looks at it, while Choy continues to waffle
Choy: ...priceless... antique... part of your heritage... etc. etc.

She runs her fingers along the blade, and then holds them up angrily!
Korra: Hey, this sword isn't the spacesword! You're a fraud!
Choy: Yes it is, look at the blade, all good and black!
Korra: It rubs off!

Choy: Well... it IS old, maybe spacesword so that when they get older?
Korra: Grrr...
Choy: You're not buying this are you?

Korra: No.
Choy: *Sighs* Look, tell you what...

Cut to Korra, her arms laden with the sword and the rest of Choy's crap
Tenzin: ...Why did you spend all your money on that stuff again?
Korra: I DON'T KNOW!!!

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