Monday, 25 July 2011

SDCC '11: Legend of Korra Trailer and News!

First off, the trailer,

Secondly here is some news about the show, cribbed from various sources such as this one,

Republic City is now called "United Republic", founded by Aang and Zuko.

The firebender in the poster is Mako, the earthbender is Bolin. Mako and Bolin are brothers. Mako is the brooding one (not as as much as Zuko), Bolin is the younger, goofier brother. He's kind of naive. Paboo, the red panda black footed ferret will be Bolins buddy, and is known as a fire ferret in the series. There's a new species of Lemur, won't see much in first 12 but play bigger role in second 14.

The polar bear dog is named Naga. And it's a girl!

Aang finds a herd of sky bison after the war!

Tenzin is very serious, but when his kids are crazy, he can be really funny, tries to be the "zen master" but loses his patience sometimes. His wife is Pema. He also has three kids (like his father) one of whom is named Meelo. One is Jinora, bookworm, oldest of Tenzins kids. Last is Iki talks a mile a minute and is really fun and crazy. All are Airbenders, but Pema is not.

The Big Bad, possibly called Amon, though it was hard to hear apparently. He runs an anti-bender group called the Equalists.

These are his henchmen.

Either Avon or Oman is the name of the masked man. His disciples are called Chi Blockers, who learned from either Ty Lee or students of Ty Lee.
The city's chief of police... Toph's daughter!!!

THE COPS ARE METAL BENDERS. TOPH BECAME A WORLD TRAVELING TEACHER. TOPHS DAUGHTER IS CHIEF OF POLICE, no idea who the father is. They have spools on their back that release and contract metal cables so they can zip around the city.

There are also the arena fights that may or not be legal that have two teams of three benders (one of each non-genocided kind) fight against each other. For the arena fights they're bringing in mixed martial arts styles for pro bending, brought in professional fighter, influenced from "tricking" flashy martial art styles.

The music is supposed to be like if Chinese invented jazz.

Mega-excited about this. Loved the animation, the concepts involved, and both the heroine and the villain.

We'll see how this pans out. ^^

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