Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Batgirl 1 Preview in the New York Post

From here,

And here,

Well she's definately younger, she's living at her dad's house and the Killing Joke happened three years ago, apparently. Not sure if that means she was only Oracle for three out of the five years regular superheroes have been around in the DCnU or not though, same as now both Cass' and Steph's tenures as Batgirl are similarly reduced.

Art looks interesting, still depressed about the change though, and the newspaper's decision to phrase people's annoyance about this in a way that makes them seem slightly sexist isn't really helping matters.

Also, why is the Joker's chest exposed in this version?

Currently doing a Casstoon strip about the end of the DCU, was held up due to pulling a nerve in my back. XP Should be up today or tomorrow though.

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