Monday, 29 August 2011

Shock SuspenStories: A Kind of Justice

An imprint of the infamous EC Comics line, Shock SuspenStories, which was apparently one of those series' that was brought before the committees that were investigating the violent content in comics in the Fifties.

Rather than the usual EC content of people receiving ironic punishments and stuff, SSS apparently was more in line with the realistic (and depressing) kind of crime dramas, with the below being such an example, and kind of suprising for its subject matter considering the time it was published in.

Warning: As stated, it's depressing.


  1. OMG! The reality displayed on this story makes me cry because in the end, Justice will not be served. A sad reality that persists today.

  2. I've volunteered on the Vancouver Downtown East Side and aside from the Sheriff being the one who did it, I've seen this story time and time again. A soup kitchen volunteer rapes a homeless First Nations woman and the police put a random drug addict behind bars because the soup kitchen kid's father is a rich lawyer. This is reality, it's not always pretty but it's not always ugly either.