Monday, 8 August 2011

The Last Days of the Old DC... Detective Comics and Batman and Robin Previews

Well, the sun is setting on the version of the DCU that I've been follwoing for the past ten or more years, mores the pity, BUT they are at least chosing to go out on something of a high, with two at least two really good looking comics.

First up, here is the preview for Detective 881, in which Barbara Gordon has been kidnapped by her crazy adopted brother James...

...Well, that's how you do a good moment in suspense! See what he might have done to her this Wednesday!

And secondly, here's the preview for Batman and Robin 26, where they go to Paris to help their French counterpart Nightrunner when a breakout occurs at the Parisian version of Arkham Asylum,

Intriguing. And the villain has a clockwork orange. HA!

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