Sunday, 22 July 2012

Brief Dark Knight Rises Review

Great ending to the franchise, while also adapting two Batman storylines that I never thought would ever see a big screen adaption Knightfall and No Man's Land.

Anne Hathaway was great Catwoman, and the relationship between Bruce and his initial love interest came across as feeling kind of forced. Tom Hardy was also great as Bane, despite his voice being kind of like someone doing a Brian Blessed impression while speaking into a beerglass. Joseph Gordon Levitt was also good as John Blake, and the final reveal was done in a way that was both a funny reference as well as being a local progression of the story. Michael Caine as Alfred was great as always, though it kind of gives the impression that he had other commitments as he disappears for most of the film near the beginning.

There were flaws in the story, like policemen who've been forced to spend five months living in sewers wouldn't be anywhere near that good condition healthwise, nor that well groomed, even if they were given supplies by the townsfolk. Probably why all of them seemed to get killed on the attack on city hall, I guess but I certainly enjoyed myself. :)

Whoever is going to be behind the reboot of the franchise is going to have a hell of a task on their hands, I can say that much. Not only because the Nolan Trilogy have left an indelible mark on the franchise, but also there's probably going to be a lot more executive meddling next time, a la the Green Lantern movie.

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