Thursday, 12 July 2012

SDCC Good News and Bad News

The good news is that Legend of Korra has been officially renewed for Season Two (kind of weird as it's already being made but whatever.) And apparently we've only had half of Book One thus fair, with more coming later, though I may be misunderstanding it.

To Celebrate, here's a Korra picture by the glorious Artgerm!

Korra Aura by `Artgerm on deviantART
And the bad news is that it appears that after the fanfare that was given when they announced that Stephanie Brown, aka Batgirl/Spoiler/Robin, would be Nightwing in the comicbook spin-off of Smallville... DC may have just whipped around and yanked her from the book pre-print. Which seems to be an odd move. News from Scott Snyder, who also talked about his desire to write Cass Cain only to be told that no one is allowed to use them.

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