Saturday, 14 July 2012

Legend of Korra SDCC Season Two Info & Pics!

More News from ComiCon...
In addition to the series being bumped up to fifty plus episodes, here is some more info I've gathered...

  • Team Avatar will travel to the Southern Water Tribe. They'll visit a festival with glowing lanterns that warm up the snowscape scenery. Beautiful.
  • Korra will travel through a storm to find a glowing iceberg. Spirit world? The ice cave looks very reminiscent to the iceberg Aang was trapped in.
  • We saw concept art of the Southern Air Temple. Inspired by Chinese art, it's a stone structure enhanced with yellow and orange skies, lush vegetation growing over it.
  • Book 2 will explore the Spirit World and how the "Avatar" lineage began. Korra will travel into the spirit world and Konietzko hints that there may be episodes later in the season dedicated to exploring the bigger landscape of the Spirit World.
  • Then we saw some new costumes. Korra will have new threads inspired by Mandarin, asymmetrical fashion. Mako and Bolin will get big, fluffy coats for the frozen tundra that maintain their color coordination (Mako loves that red scarf).
  • Asami is now the head of her dad's Future Industries, so she's gone corporate! Luckily, she has an alternate costume, an airship look that makes her a double for Amelia Earhart.
  • Book 2 will bump up Bumi, a fan favorite and brother of Tenzin, to a regular character. He's got a big potbelly which fits his wacky personality.
  • His sister Kya will also be a regular player. Dubbed a hippie by "Konietzko," Kya's big into healing.
  • Korra's expanded family will be introduced. The creators mentioned that Korra was inspired by MMA fighter Gina Carano, which explains her build. It also explains why her entire family is ripped.
  • Book 2 called "Spirits" and takes place six months after Book 1.
  • Mako's a cop now.
  •  They’ll travel into the tundra of the Southern Water Tribe lands 
  • Asami takes over Sato Industries
  • Kya and Bumi take center over Tenzin this time around 
  • Korra has an uncle Unarok who will play an important role
  • Bolin is the new head of the Fire Ferrets, but Mako's job and Korra's Avatar duties mean they are no longer part of the team.
  • Korra apparently uses the Avatar State for petty things like winning a race against Tenzin's kids, which understandibly annoys him.


    And now the new character designs, backgrounds and promos. :)
    Korra's new Mandarin-inspired clothes
    Officer Mako
    Asami Sato: CEO of Sato Industies, pic 1

    Asami rockin' jodhpurs, pic 2
    Bumi expressions
    Senna, Korra's mum, pic 1

    Senna, pic 2
    Tonraq, Korra's dad, pic 1

    Tonraq, pic 2

    Tonraq expressions

    Tonraq shirtless for some reason.
    Kya, Bumi and Tenzin's older sister, who apparently is "hippyish"

    One of Korra's twin cousins

    Same one in a different outfit

    Korra's Female(?) twin cousin

    Her face

    Verick, A Howard Hughes sort who is friends with Bolin.

    Verick again

    Verick expressions
    Korra's uncle, head of the Northern Water Tribe, Unalaq
    Older Gaang, now with Zuko and Katara!
    And Team Avatar
    Misc. Backgrounds.

    Some spirits, which apparently attack a South Water Tribe festival, making them the bad guys... I guess?

    More when I find it. :)

    Pics from here,

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    1. Asami's flight outfit is strangely hot. I think I have a thing for ladies in old-fashioned flight gear. It's the goggles.

      Mako's becoming a cop? Huh, I had actually pegged Bolin to go into the police force. But I guess it makes sense, Bolin prefers the showmanship, and Mako is the serious and responsible type.