Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Concept Art for the Nightwing TV Show

Yeah, it seems that a couple of years back that Kihyun Ryu , the supervising producer of Legend of Korra, was meant to be making a Nightwing centred show for DC, but like the Bat Family show around around the same time, the idea fell through. Oh well. Here are the pics of Dick Grayson in regular clothes and as Nightwing...
nightwing 1 by ~blacksataguni on deviantART
nightwing2 by ~blacksataguni on deviantART
nightwing_dick grayson by ~blacksataguni on deviantART And a design for Raven, who was also meant to be getting her own show, but when that fell through she was meant to be a supporting character in this one instead.
nightwing_raven by ~blacksataguni on deviantART I don't know, this could have been interesting. Shame it went the way of the live action Dick Grayson show, that really I thought had more potential than people said.

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