Friday, 10 August 2012

Lady Shiva The Same Age as Nightwing, Logic Regarding Cass Cain

 Looks MARGINALLY less silly than what she looked like on the previous issue.
From the Source,
“When writer Kyle Higgins needed a breather to gear up for the Joker’s monstrous return in issue #15, I turned to Tom, who pitched in on issue #0,” series editor Brian Cunningham told THE SOURCE. “I’ll just come out and say it: Tom ranks among the best ever at writing street-level heroes. And Tom really delivered with his first solo trip to Gotham, following the narrative that Kyle has developed without skipping a beat, and helping to set up the Joker arc. And it felt natural for Tom to continue exploring the character of Lady Shiva, who first appears in NIGHTWING #0." "In this story, both Dick and Shiva have grown up some since their first encounter—they’re not teenagers anymore—so it’ll be fun to see how each fares in a fair fight. Wait, did I say fair fight? Forget it—Shiva remains by far the better fighter, so it’s up to Dick to find a way just stay alive!"
So Dick and Sandra are now the same age, ie early to mid-twenties, so by simple logic, - Cass exists and isn't Lady Shiva's daughter, meaning a huge chunk of her backstory has been changed. - Cass does exist, but she's a small child so she won't be appearing for many, many years in-universe. - Cass just flat out doesn't exist anymore.

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