Friday, 10 August 2012

Waffles for Steph Day!

To celebrate this day of the Pinkie Pie of the Bat Family, here's some bits and pieces of the joint best Batgirl of the past twenty years or so. :) First a piece from Tiny Titans,
From her tenure of Robin, which was cool for the most part, despite the cynical reason for it happening in the first place,

One of the greatest moments from her solo series, in which she summarises the Bat Family history (sans Cass) for the newbie member Wendy (who also vanished into the Phantom Zone, 'cause... the new comics don't have wheelchair access? I don't know, it's like Oracle's around to make her a redundant character or something).

Two fancomics by the Black Cat,

And some stuff by the almighty Gabzilla,
Tradition by ~gabzillaz on deviantART
Tim Drake is a stud by ~gabzillaz on deviantART
Oracle Steph by ~gabzillaz on deviantART
Batgirl, Robin and the Kitty by ~gabzillaz on deviantART
Identity by ~gabzillaz on deviantART

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